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The Water Hay Oats Alliance (WHOA) is a grassroots movement of like- minded individuals who support the passage of federal legislation to prohibit the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport of horse racing. The appointment of an independent anti-doping program run by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) will solve the problem of widespread drug use in American racing and put U.S. racing jurisdictions in step with international standards.

Doping destroys public confidence in racing, defrauds the betting fan, weakens the genetic pool and, most importantly, puts the life and limb of our equine athletes and their jockeys at risk. It is obvious that after years of committee review and discussion, America’s racing industry cannot police itself by eliminating the proliferation of performance-enhancing drugs in our sport, nor does it possess the power to adequately punish the purveyors of these drugs

ESPN Audio

In The Gate #225 - Testing the Limits

Travis Tygart (USADA) & Ed Martin (Racing Commissioners International) each presents his side of the controversial movement to involve the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in racing.


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  • WHOA supports federal legislation that appoints the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), an independent, non-profit agency, with the authority to develop and enforce a gold-standard anti-doping program with central authority and oversight for U.S. racing, bringing transparency, uniformity and integrity back to our sport.
  • Make no mistake. USADA is not a federal agency.  The proposed legislation does not create a government run federal racing office.  It does not involve federal regulation or intervention.  It does not require federal funding.  It does move us closer to our goal of clean racing.
  • American horse racing needs uniform rules banning performance enhancing drugs to ensure that every horse runs healthy and sound, on his natural ability.
  • No industry group has the power to mandate conformity in the 38 racing jurisdictions in the U.S.  USADA would.
  • WHOA’s mission promotes a “level playing field” from state-to-state and in sync with international standards.
  • USADA has led the way in cleaning up drug use in cycling, the Olympic movement, and the UFC….… With their experience and expertise, USADA can do the same for horse racing.

Founded in 2012, WHOA is a group of like-minded Owners, Breeders, Trainers, Jockeys, Equine Practitioners, Industry Professionals, Handicappers and Racing Fans who stand against the permissive use of performance enhancing drugs in American horse racing.

Jockey Club Round Table - August, 2016

Congressional Horse Caucus Hearing - April 28, 2016


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